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Digital Radiography

Mann Veterinary Hospital offers one of the most advanced digital radiography (x-ray) systems to our clients in the Huntsville, Hampton Cove, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, and Gurley, Alabama areas. Our x-ray equipment is much faster than older units requiring the processing of film and provided results to our experienced veterinarian in seconds. Images produced with our x-ray unit are also clearer than film and can be manipulated to locate a problem area if necessary. With the speed and clarity of the digital x-ray at Mann Veterinary Hospital, your pet can be treated immediately.

X-ray technology has been around for many years in the human medicine world and has made a huge impact in veterinary medicine. X-ray technology uses radioactive waves to form images of the internal make-up of a subject. Since animals are unable to communicate what hurts them, x-rays can pinpoint the issue for our doctors. X-rays have been used to diagnose fractures and strains on the skeletal system, organ size and growth, and heart size.

The x-ray imaging at our clinic is so incredibly clear that retakes are often not needed, even if your pet moves during the procedure. Less exposure to x-ray technology also means your pet is minimally exposed to any radiation. Finally, our digital x-ray system keeps our clinic “green” as there are no chemicals associated with the radiology system at Mann Veterinary Hospital.