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In-Clinic Diagnostics

Blood work values are significant in both human and veterinary medicine, as it can provide valuable information regarding overall health. Dr. Mann maintains an advanced laboratory here at Mann Veterinary Hospital to serve the diagnostic needs of pets in the Owens Cross Roads, Huntsville, Madison, Gurley and Hampton Cove areas of Alabama.

Our cutting edge laboratory provides our experienced veterinarian the ability to obtain blood chemistry values, complete blood counts (CBCs), electrolyte levels, and thyroid function. Blood chemistries can indicate if the liver, kidneys, and pancreas are working. Organ chemistry values can show some issues that may not be seen on a physical exam alone. CBCs indicate red and white blood cell as well as platelet counts. CBCs can determine anemia, certain types of cancer and leukemia, as well as the ability of the blood to clot. Electrolyte levels can indicate that a pet is dehydrated and in need of fluid therapy. Finally, thyroid levels can indicate Cushing’s disease, or hyper or hypothyroidism. All of this valuable and potentially life-saving information can be determined in less than 30 minutes using the laboratory at Mann Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Mann recommends running blood work before any surgical procedure to help ensure the pet is healthy enough for the procedure. Also, laboratory blood work can determine early onset of many health issues that can be treated more effectively than if they are discovered later, so it is important to complete lab work yearly, especially in older pets. Mann Veterinary Hospital offers the latest treatment options and equipment in veterinary medicine, to better serve our clients and their precious pets.