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Mann Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped with some of the most advanced diagnostic testing units available in veterinary medicine. Our diagnostic equipment includes blood work analyzers, exploratory surgical equipment, digital x-ray, and an ultrasonic system. Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that can quickly examine soft tissues and internal organs for many forms of disease and malformations. When undergoing an ultrasound exam, your pet will have a probe approximately the size of their paw place on their skin which then emits a pulse of ultrasonic sound waves. These sound waves are then echoed back to the probe, and the machine forms a picture based on the speed in which it receives the echo.

Ultrasound is a low radioactive type of testing, so it is extremely safe for your pet. The technology is also considered to be environmentally friendly, as it is digital and requires no film or chemicals to process the images.

Ultrasound technology can examine the cardiovascular system, including the heart and primary blood vessels such as the aorta, for function, narrowing, and clotting issues. Major organs can also be examined for tumors, tissue texture, and organ size. In a pregnant female, Dr. Mann can regularly monitor fetal development.

The advanced diagnostic tools used at Mann Veterinary Hospital enable our compassionate doctors to practice veterinary medicine at an extremely high level for our clients. Become a member of our pet family today by calling one of our team members at 256-812-2346.