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Laser Therapy

Mann Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment used to treat a variety of conditions. Laser Therapy can be performed in conjunction with existing treatment protocols.

Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body for about 3 to 8 minutes and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in relief from pain, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and an acceleration of the healing process.

Relief and/or improvement is often noticed within hours depending on the condition and your pet’s health status. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, your companion can benefit from this innovative approach to treating pain. Please call us today to make an appointment.